The Eighth Round of Inspection of the Thirteenth Municipal Party Committe... [2019-08-19]
City leaders led the team to carry out "Warm Enterprise" operations and s... [2019-08-19]
Provincial Military Region Leaders to Check and Investigate Conscription ... [2019-08-19]
The First Online Intermediary Service Supermarket in Our City Docked with... [2019-08-12]
City Government Executive Meeting [2019-08-12]
Six agricultural enterprises in our city went to Ganzi to attend the prod... [2019-08-12]
Zhuxi Chuanggu released "Unicorn Breeding and Enterprise Leap Program" [2019-08-12]
Municipal Party Committee comprehensive deepening reform committee [2019-08-05]
Thousands of Hong Kong Delegation Visited Our City, Jiangmen [2019-08-05]
Liu Yi Checked the Physical Examination Work of Conscription [2019-07-29]
Deputies to Provincial People's Congresses Conducted a Special Investigat... [2019-07-29]
Nearly 100 Young and Old People Gathered Together to Interpret the Chorus... [2019-07-29]
Jiangmen Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center successfully rescued 137 p... [2019-07-22]
Jiangmen Democratic National Construction Association Member's Home Unveiled [2019-07-22]
The Whistler System is Implemented in Dairy Production Enterprises in Our... [2019-07-22]
The City Held a Seminar on the Theory of Minors [2019-07-16]
Western Industrial Bridge will be Open to Traffic in a Single Span before... [2019-07-16]
Municipal Leaders Lead Teams to Shenzhen to Promote Shen-Jiang Cooperation [2019-07-16]
The Second Phase of Jiangmen Cadres Lecture Conference Began [2019-07-08]
The Second Phase of Jiangmen Cadres Lecture Conference Began [2019-07-08]
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