Recently, extreme weather happened frequently in our city, and we have ma... [2019-06-17]
City Leaders Led the Team to Participate in the Provincial Anti-pollution... [2019-06-17]
Judicial Supervision of Food and Drug Supervision and Law Enforcement for... [2019-06-17]
Zhang Guangjun went to Jiangmen to investigate the ecological environment... [2019-06-10]
Liu Yi presided over a special working conference on flood safety [2019-06-10]
Re-mobilization and Redeployment of Drug Control Work in Our City [2019-06-03]
Liu Yi inspected the development and construction of the coastal area of ... [2019-06-03]
Jiangmen Compulsory Isolation Detoxification Center was Appraised As "Six... [2019-06-03]
Meetings of the Municipal Government: Increasing the Effort of Eliminatin... [2019-05-24]
Southern Cantonese Classic Recitation Culture and Arts Festival [2019-05-22]
Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Administrative Region Lin Zheng Yue-e le... [2019-05-20]
Lin Yingwu Visited the Old Revolutionary Base Area in Heshan city [2019-05-17]
Lin Yingwu Visited the Old Revolutionary Base Area in Heshan city [2019-05-15]
Liu Yi led a delegation to the United States to attend the 150th annivers... [2019-05-13]
Provincial CPPCC Came to Our City to Investigate Youth Exchange Work [2019-05-10]
Promotion of the First Aid Knowledge by the Municipal Red Cross Society [2019-05-08]
Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Macao Youths Jointly Discuss and Build the Activi... [2019-05-06]
Our city has entered a fishing moratorium [2019-05-01]
Liu Yi led a team to visit Hong Kong [2019-04-29]
Cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents [2019-04-26]
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