June 5th Environmental Day

Recently, the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court, and the Municipal Civilization Office jointly held a themed promotion event for the June 5th Environmental Day at the Xinhui Bird Paradise National Wetland Park.

This theme promotion activity will be carried out in the form of "1+3+2", which includes 1 home event, 3 online activities, and 2 parent-child environmental protection research and learning activities in Pengjiang District and Jianghai District. The focus will be on promoting the effectiveness of ecological construction and waste free city construction in the beautiful Jiangmen area, and educating the public on environmental monitoring, wetland protection, biodiversity, and other knowledge.

Since mid May, the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau has been soliciting excellent photography works from the whole city under the theme of "comprehensively promoting the construction of a beautiful China". A total of over 800 works have been received, and awards for excellent photography works have been presented at the event site. The unveiling ceremony of the "Environmental and Resource Protection Judge Studio" was also held at the event site. The Intermediate People's Court of the city and the People's Court of Xinhui District will fully play their functions in environmental resource adjudication, using this studio as a radiation point to strengthen the key protection of unique wetlands and ecological resources in Jiangmen, such as the Xinhui Bird Paradise National Wetland Park. At the same time, with the governance of litigation sources as the focus, we will promote the advancement of judicial services and contribute the rule of law to the construction of a beautiful Jiangmen.

In recent years, our city has deepened its efforts in pollution prevention and control, actively building a "waste free city", accelerating the transformation of green and low-carbon advantageous industries, and continuously improving the quality of the ecological environment. In 2023, the atmospheric environment quality in our city continues to improve, and the comprehensive index improvement rate ranks first in the province. The water environment quality is steadily improving, and the city's hazardous waste collection and treatment capacity has exceeded 1 million tons per year.

Next, our city will take the ecological construction of the Green and Beautiful Jiangmen as the guide, focus on the "Ten Million Project", mobilize the public to actively participate in environmental protection, integrate green and low-carbon into daily life, and jointly deepen the battle against pollution, gathering a strong "green force" in the land of overseas Chinese hometown.

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