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Jiangmen Development and Reform Bureau


Jiangmen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau


Jiangmen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau


Jiangmen Bureau of Housing and Urban and Rural Development 


Jiangmen Bureau of Natural Resources

(0750)3863666 3160678

Jiangmen Bureau of Ecological Environment


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Jiangmen Tax Bureau


       Travel Service

       Air Travel Service

       (1) Baiyun Air Travel Service Center

Address: No. 100 Yuejin Road, Jiangmen City

Tel: (0750) 3273323 3273333

(2) Baiyun Air Travel Service Center Xinhui Office

Address: No. 55 Zhizheng Road South, Xinhui District

Tel: (0750) 6604833

(3) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Jiangmen Waiting Hall Address: East Wing of Yucca Hotel, No. 116 Ying Bin Avenue, Jiangmen City

Tel: 0750-3166333 0750-3166332

The first coach leaves at 06:00 and the last leaves at 18:40.

       Long-distance Passenger Transport

       (1) Jiangmen Coach Station Address:3rd Jianshe Road (at the intersection between Jiangmen- Sha'ping Road and Jiang Qiao Road),Jiangmen City Tel: (0750) 3881888

(2) Jiangmen Shengli Coach Station This station dispatches 18 coaches to Hong Kong and 13 to Macau every day.

Address: 38 Shengli Road, Jiangmen City Tel: (0750)3334912

(3) Jianghai Coach Station, Jiangmen City

Address: No.59, Zhan Qian Yi Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City

Tel: 0750-3762188


       Taxi Service

       Nan’an Taxi: (0750) 3168888

Qiyun Taxi: (0750) 3501000

       Passenger Transport to Hong Kong and Macao

(1) Jiangmen Hongkong Macao Joint Passenger Transportation Co.,Ltd. (Jiangmen Harbor)

Address: Hong Kong and Macau Wharf, Waihai Hi-tech Development Zone, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City

Ferry Schedule: Jiangmen to Hong Kong at 14:30, Hong Kong to Jiangmen at 8:30

Phone Number:(0750)3773220 3773250 3773221

(2) Heshan Hegang Harbor Passenger Transport Joint Venture Co., Ltd. (Heshan Harbor)

Address: No. 6, Yanjiang Street, Shaping Sub-District, Heshan City

Ferry Schedule: Heshan to Hong Kong at 9:00, Hong Kong to Heshan at 17:30

Phone Number: (0750)8820284 8821600

       Railway Passenger Transport

Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Jiangmen East Station: Wuyi Road, Jianghai District

Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Xinhui Station: Xinhui Avenue, Xinhui District

Shuangshui Town Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:

X539 County Road, Shuangshui Town, Xinhui District

Taishan Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:

Chen Yixi Road, Taicheng Street, Taishan City

Kaiping South Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:

Zhonghe Road, Sanbu Street, Kaiping City

Enping Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:

X559 County Road, Dongcheng Town, Enping City

        Police  110

        Local call barrier  112

       Directory Assistance  114

       Fire  119

       Emergency and First Aid Center  120

       Weather Forecast  121

       TrafficAccident reporting  122

       Government hotline  12345

       Power Supply Service  (0750)95598

       Water Supply Service  (0750)3300333

       Jiangmen Central Hospital Emergency Room  (0750)3120120

       Wuyi Chinese Medicine Hospital Emergency Room  (0750)3513223

       Jiangmen People's Hospital Emergency Room  (0750)3333511

       Jiangmen Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital(Jiangmen Children's Hospital) Emergency Room




       Price Complaints


       Tourism Complaints


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