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The portal website of Jiangmen Municipal People's Government (hereinafter referred to as the website) is hosted by Jiangmen Municipal People's government office and maintained by Jiangmen Municipal Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau. Since its opening in April 1999, this website has become the first platform for government organs at all levels of Jiangmen City to release government information, provide online services and carry out interactive exchanges on the Internet. It is also an important window to show the charm of overseas Chinese hometown and publicize Jiangmen.

The service tenet of this website: adhere to the people-oriented, user-centered, demand-oriented, committed to service guarantee and improve people's livelihood, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of services, service innovation and social management overall situation. It aims to create a more comprehensive platform for government affairs, more authoritative platform for policy interpretation and public opinion guidance, more timely response to concerns and convenient service platform.

This website focuses on the key work of Jiangmen municipal Party committee and government, combines various national policies and measures with the development plan of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district economic circle, and integrates the city's economic, tourism, overseas Chinese hometown and other characteristic elements to show the good image of Jiangmen overseas Chinese hometown. To realize the intelligent Internet service platform of "people-oriented, collaborative and efficient, service innovation, advanced functions", highlight the user-centered, provide various public services, and build an online government service platform of "all-weather, humanized, multi-channel and strong interaction".

As a pilot area of Guangdong provincial government website intensive work, our city will integrate all the websites of municipal government departments into the municipal government portal website Department channel in 2019 http://www.jiangmen.gov.cn/bmpd/ And the overall intensive migration to the Guangdong provincial government website intensive management platform, effectively realize resource optimization and integration, platform integration security, data mutual recognition and sharing, and management. The management is standardized and the service is convenient and efficient. Through the unified provincial intensive management platform, all government departments release the active and open government information, release the newly formulated policy documents in a timely manner, support the interpretations that are convenient for the public to understand and spread on the Internet, and reprint the media review articles that fully interpret the spirit of the policy documents, so as to form a communication force. We can also collect public opinions and suggestions through the interactive exchange platform, and relevant business departments will make positive and authoritative responses to hot issues of public concern. According to the different service objects of individuals and enterprises, the website carries out website experience planning from three aspects of "handle, search and inquiry", and promotes the extension of government website to mobile terminal, self-service terminal, hotline, new government media and other channels. Further enhance the functions of intelligent search and intelligent interaction to ensure that the public can "find easily, understand clearly and use conveniently".

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