The clean energy equipment ...

After Taishan Industrial Town and Power Association signed "build Europe-China Clean Energy (equipment) Industr...
The business elite training class will op... [2015-11-18]
Yangtze business delegation visited Jiangmen [2015-11-16]
Jiangmen Girls Choir won the internationa... [2015-11-13]
Jiangmen CPI rose 2.4% in October [2015-11-11]
Jiangmen (Guizhou) Tour Week held in Guiyang [2015-11-09]
Agricultural products were shown in the p... [2015-11-06]

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Jiangmen at present has jurisdiction over the three districts of Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui and the four county-level cities of Taishan, Kaiping, ...



Jiangmen is well-endowed in land resources: the proportion of its developed land for construction accounts fo...
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