Jiangmen, a vigorous gateway to the sea

Jiangmen, as the Capital of Overseas Chinese, is a vibrant city. In recent years,Jiangmen has taken the initiative to adapt to and lead new norms for economic development,especially around the idea of“Acceleration of Industry Development, People’s Livelihood Improvement, Strict Management of Leading Cadres and Administrative Simplification”. In the meanwhile, The“Three Strategies, Three Impetuses”has been implemented, and people have always been put in the first place to improve their well-being. The focuses on developments in economy and society, as well as the Party construction, etc., have made remarkable achievements.

In 2020, the city's GDP reached 320.1 billion yuan, 92.7 billion yuan more than 2015,an average annual growth rate of 5.9% over five years. During the 13th Five- Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of industrial value added was 6% , the total retail sales of consumer goods grew by 5.5% per annum , the total import and export volume of foreign trade grew by about 3.0% per annum , the local general public budget revenue grew by 7% per annum and fixed asset investment grew by 11.4% per annum . Jiangmen City is the "rice bag" and "basket of vegetables" in Guangdong Province, and the construction of a strong agricultural city has taken its firm steps. In 2020, the city achieved a total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry 50.09 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1% year- on- year. Since then, the city has added 18 bay area "basket"production base and a number of provincial agricultural science and technology park, modern agricultural industrial park, "one village, one product, one town, one industry" professional town, key agricultural leading enterprises.A national agricultural product quality and safety cityhas successfully been created,such as the creation of a national, 7 provincial and 27 municipal modern agricultural industrial park helping to form the advantageous and

characteristic development pattern wof of"1 plus 5"in the dried tangerine, eels, Magang goose, rice, tea, eggs etc.Among them, the whole industrial chain output value of the dried tangerine in 2020 exceeded 10 billion yuan, doubled from 2015. The contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress in the city reached 70% , the conversion rate of achievements reached 55% , and the level of comprehensive mechanization of rice production reached 87.1%, all of which are in the forefront of the province.

Jiangmen's tertiary industries are also thriving, which include its commerce and trade,logistics, tourism, conventions and exhibitions, finance, culture, catering, and real estate.Every year, Jiangmen holds Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Import and Export Commodity Fair, Agricultural Exposition, Cultural Exposition, Educational Equipment Exhibition, China (Xinhui) Tangerine Peel Cultural Festival, which have all developed into well-known events. The construction of Zhuxi Logistics Hub Center has been accelerated, and a number of international procurement platforms have been built one after another. In addition, the vigorous development of Industy associations and trade unions in Jiangmen has provided strong support for social and economic development.

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