Official listing

The hanging ceremony of the Jiangmen Fire Rescue Bureau was held at the Jiangmen Fire Rescue Detachment. Zheng Xiaoyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, attended the listing ceremony.

It is understood that according to the work deployment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau, 407 fire and rescue brigades set up in corresponding administrative divisions across the country will uniformly hang the signs of their resident fire and rescue bureaus. The addition of a local fire and rescue bureau sign to the fire and rescue teams below the headquarters is an important measure taken by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the integration and reform of national comprehensive fire and rescue teams, marking the smooth progress of the integration and reform of national comprehensive fire and rescue teams.

After adding signs, the fire rescue teams at all levels in the city will better integrate into the overall work of the local party committee and government, assume the responsibility of local fire supervision and management, standardize the construction and management of local government full-time fire teams, comprehensively implement the standardized construction of fire law enforcement, promote the transformation of fire safety management mode to pre prevention, and better serve local economic and social development.

The person in charge of the Municipal Fire and Rescue Bureau stated that it will take listing as a new starting point, better integrate into the overall economic and social development of the local area, better shoulder the responsibility of reform and development, and effectively shoulder the political responsibility of "promoting development and ensuring safety". With the actual action of safeguarding people's safety and benefiting the people, it will demonstrate the new atmosphere, new responsibilities, and new achievements of the team.

It is reported that the listing work of fire rescue bureaus in all counties (cities, districts) in the city will be completed by the end of June.

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