Youth Science Popularization and Explanation Competition

Recently, the semi-finals of the 2024 Jiangmen Youth Science Popularization and Explanation Competition were successfully held in the second floor lecture hall of Jiangmen First Experimental School. This competition is jointly organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Association for Science and Technology. The aim is to select and recommend outstanding players to participate in the Guangdong Province Science Popularization and Explanation Competition through on-site explanations.

The theme of this semi-finals is "Loving Science and Advocating Science", and the final theme is "Promoting the Spirit of Science and Stimulating Innovation Vitality". Youth are encouraged to demonstrate their enthusiasm for science and understanding of technology, vigorously promote the spirit of science and scientists, and stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society. Contestants present their own questions and provide explanations around scientific and technological knowledge.

At the competition venue, 80 contestants took the stage one by one and vividly explained their selected science popularization topics through multimedia means such as PPT and video. The judges rate the accuracy and effectiveness of the content statement.

"Do you know about the China Sky Survey Space Telescope?" "How should space seeds be cultivated?" "How is the front end of high-speed trains designed?"... At the competition site, the contestants brought an immersive science popularization feast to the audience, winning applause from the audience.

According to the organizers, 30 contestants will be selected for the Guangdong Province Science Popularization Explanation Competition Jiangmen Selection Competition in the semi-finals. They will continue to compete on a higher stage, showcasing the talents and talents of Jiangmen youth in scientific and technological innovation.

"This competition is not only a test of young people's technological innovation ability, but also an important platform for young people to showcase themselves, communicate and learn. Through this competition, young people can not only improve their expression ability and scientific literacy, but also deeply understand and explore the mysteries of the technology field." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the organizers will continue to increase support for youth science popularization education, encourage more young people to participate in technological innovation, and inject new impetus into scientific and technological innovation in Jiangmen City.

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