Rectification actions

In order to effectively strengthen the comprehensive management of electric bicycles, prevent and reduce the occurrence of electric bicycle fire accidents, our city has carried out the fourth joint inspection of the full chain rectification action of electric bicycle safety hazards. Vice Mayor and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Feng Xiaogang, attended.

This joint inspection was carried out simultaneously by relevant departments such as the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology, Public Security, Natural Resources, Housing and Construction, as well as towns (streets) and communities under the jurisdiction of each county (city, district). Each inspection team adopts a comprehensive approach of "inspection, guidance, training, and rectification", focusing on conducting centralized inspections on illegal assembly and modification of electric bicycles and batteries in illegal stores and "black dens". For illegal assembly or modification behaviors discovered during inspection, inspectors shall supervise them to make corrections and handle them according to prescribed procedures. The inspection team also ordered relevant units to immediately rectify any violations found in the parking and charging of electric bicycles, blockage of evacuation routes and safety exits, and failure to keep fire equipment intact and effective.

During the inspection, Feng Xiaogang led a team to visit units such as Xingfu Shangling Xinzhu, Yadi Electric Vehicle, and Tailing Electric Vehicle to investigate illegal and irregular behaviors on site. In response to the problems found on site, relevant responsible persons were ordered to benchmark and rectify them. Feng Xiaogang emphasized the need to strictly implement the main responsibility for fire safety, strengthen rectification measures, actively promote the full chain rectification of safety hazards in electric bicycles, effectively improve the public's awareness of fire safety in the use and management of electric bicycles, and strive to create a good and harmonious fire safety environment. In addition, the inspection team also adopts the form of "inspection+publicity" to popularize fire protection knowledge.

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