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Jiangmen is actively building a "5 + 1" major industrial platform and has developed "1 + 6" core industrial parks, namely Jiangmen National High and New Technology Zone,Pengjiang Riverside New Aera, Jiangmen Yinhuwan Coastal New Area, Heshan Industrial City, Taishan Industrial City, Kaiping Cuishanhu Science and Technology Industrial Park,and Enping Industrial Park.

★“5+1”Major Industry Platforms

5 refers to the Guangdong- Macao(Jiangmen) Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the New Materials Gathering Area of the West Pearl River Delta, the ShenzhenJiangmen Industrial Park (including parks in Daze and Siqian), the Taishan Industrial City Development Area, and the Kaiping Cuishanhu Science and Technology Industrial Park Development Area.

1 refers to Jiangmen“Talent Island”. In the coming five years, 30 billion yuanwill be invested here to build a high-quality talent training demonstration baseon the west bank of the Pearl River, a good- living platform for high- level talents in the GuangdongHongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and a service and innovation area for the“Belt and Road”international talents.

★Jiangmen Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Located in the riverside of the West River, the Zone lies in the Southeast of Jiangmen City, the opposite bank is the world- famous lamp city, Guzhen of Zhongshan City. With years' construction, the area is equipped with complete infrastructures and high efficient service, surface and air transport facilities are convenient. With the best environment among all high- tech zones in the Pearl River Delta cities, this Zone is an idealplace for hi- tech industrial investment.In the future, the Zone will continuously adhere to industry- based development, focus on developing three strategic emerging industries of high-end mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing, new materials, and nextgenerationelectronic information, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in order to build a high-level hi-tech zone led by an innovative economy.

★Binjiang New Area of Pengjiang

Located on the west bank of the West River, it has a planned area of 174.4 square kilometers and a planned population of 600,000. Its development orientation is: relying on the West River; undertaking economic radiation of Guangzhou and Foshan; playing the role of an innovation-driving engine; being built into a modern ecological new area with the integration of“production, city, and people”and conducive to living, working and travelling.The southwestern region contains the Jiangmen- Shaping Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park, a branch of Jiangmen High- and New- Tech Zone, with a planned area of 9.53 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of high- end precision electronics and health food industries. It is expected that by 2020, the park will achieve an annual industrial output value of over 100 billion yuan.

★Yinhuwan Coastal New Area of Jiangmen

Situated in the southeast of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City and with an control area of about 340 square kilometers, the Area includes the reclamation area of Yinhuwan Bay in Xinhui and parts of the three towns of Yamen, Gujing and Shadui. It is a main battlefield of Jiangmen’s“dual area-driving”strategy for the city to participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and support Shenzhen’s construction of a pilot area of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As planned, it will become a base of advanced manufacturing and recycling economyon the west bank of the Pearl River, an important platform for marine economic cooperation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and an international coastal new area that is both livable and industry- friendly. Recently, the first batch of 8 engineering projects in the area has officially started construction, making a rapid breakthrough in terms of modern industrial layout and urbanization process, and unveiling the development of the Coastal New Area.

★Jiangmen Heshan high-tech Zone

Heshan Industrial City is located west of Foshan- Kaiping Expressway and north of Jiangmen- Heshan Expresswayis 20 kilometers from the Guangzhou- Zhuhai Railway Heshan Station and the 325 National Highway. With Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway passing through, it has a total planned area of 105.8 square kilometers. The park focuses on electronic and electrical appliances, new materials, health and medicine, and equipment manufacturing. There are a lot of enterprises in the area, including World Fair International Electronics, Derun Electronics, Tongfang Technology, Dongfeng New Energy Commercial Vehicle, Fuwa Heavy Industries, etc.

★Taishan Industrial City

This industrial park is located north of the Taishan urban center and is close to the Gongyi Port on Tanjiang River (about 6 km away). The Xinhui-Taishan Expressway runs through the park, which is 7 km north from the 325 National Road. It has a total planned area of 138 square kilometers. At present, the park focuses on advanced equipment manufacturing, including clean energy equipment (particularly nuclear power equipment) and auto parts. Its representative enterprises include Fuwa Heavy Industries, Hongte Precision Technologies, Hailiang Copper Industry, etc.

★Cuishanhu High-tech Zone of Jiangmen

This Park is both a demonstration base for the industry-university-research cooperation innovation in China and a national independent innovation demonstration zone in the Pearl River Delta, as well as a provincial demonstration industrial park and one of the ten key provincial parks. With a total planned area of 130 square kilometers, it is about 8 km north of Kaiping urban center and the 325 National Highway, approximately 10 km awayfromTanjiang River.At present, the Parkfocuses on the development of hardware machinery, electronic information, cars and parts, and new materials industry. Its representative enterprises include Bridgestone (included in Fortune 500), Performance Fibers, Haihong Electric Transformers, Gaomei Air Conditioning, andHongfutang.

★Enping Industrial Park

The Park is located onsoutheastern part of the city center, near the outskirts of Encheng town, west of the 325 National Highway, and northeast of Kaiping- Yangjiang Expressway. With a planned area of 90 É ,this area focuses on the development of intelligent equipment, performing arts equipment, new materials, small household appliances and other advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries. Representative enterprises include Guangdong Dowstone, Haitian electronics, Baosuo machinery, Epson intelligent equipment, etc.

★Sino-European (Jiangmen) SME International Cooperation Zone

Sino-European (Jiangmen) SME International Cooperation Zone (hereinafter referred as“the cooperation zone”) is a national cooperation platform for medium and small enterprises planned and constructed by the joint efforts of China Center for Promotion of SME Development, China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Jiangmen People’s Government. The cooperation zone adopts the mode of“1 service center + 1 zone + n industry bases”(i.e. garden + industry bases), cooperating with regions nearby to create a major platform for connecting high- end resources from Europe.By the end of 2020, 130 projects have been introduced into the cooperation zone,with a total investment of US $16.3 billion.The key cooperative enterprises include the Fortune Global 500 and global enterprises such as BASF, BP Amoco,Électricité De France, VEOLIA, Umicore, Asea Brown Boveri, and SHV Energy NV.

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