On site consultation meeting for college entrance examination enrollment

The on-site consultation meeting for the 2024 summer college entrance examination enrollment in Jiangmen City, guided by the Education Bureau of Jiangmen City and hosted by China Education Online, opened at Jiangmen Vocational and Technical College. This year is the first summer college entrance examination on-site consultation meeting resumed in our city after the normalization of epidemic management. More than 80 universities participated in the meeting, and candidates and parents had a face-to-face understanding of the enrollment policies of each university this year, as well as their desired schools and majors.

"During the early stage of organizing activities, major universities actively participated, including more than 50 undergraduate colleges in the province, and many families of candidates came, conservatively estimated to be more than 5000 people." Weng Woguang, Deputy Director of the Enrollment and Employment Guidance Office of Jiangmen Vocational and Technical College, introduced that in addition to providing support policy consultation, conscription policy consultation, volunteer application science popularization area and other booths, medical points were also set up on site.

Through interviews, the reporter found that parents and candidates are generally concerned about the issue of transferring majors, and many universities have also relaxed restrictions on transferring majors, some of which even have a "zero threshold", providing students with a second choice after entering the school, finding their true interests, and reducing the "trial and error cost". Undergraduate students in the general category of South China University of Technology have multiple opportunities to apply for major transfer during their time in school, and new students can participate in the selection of characteristic classes during the enrollment stage; At the end of the second and fourth semesters, students can switch majors independently (there is no threshold for transferring out); In the second, third, and fifth semesters, students can also participate in the selection of special classes.

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