Online medication purchasing function

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau that our city has now opened the online drug purchase function for medical insurance, and is one of the seven prefecture level cities in the province that have opened this function. The insured can enjoy the convenient services of "online drug purchase, online medical insurance payment, and express delivery to home" on the Alipay platform.

Since this year, the municipal medical insurance bureau has focused on the role of "Internet plus+medical insurance" in facilitating and benefiting the people, and actively promoted the extension of medical insurance services from offline to online, in accordance with the goal of "where is the medical insurance payment and where is the mobile payment ability?". Online medical insurance drug purchase service means that when an insured person purchases drugs on Alipay App, he or she can purchase drugs with "medical insurance payment" logo through medical insurance personal account settlement, and enjoy the door-to-door drug delivery service.

The reporter learned that there are currently 191 pharmacies in our city that support online purchasing of medical insurance drugs. The drug categories include cold and cough medicine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, heat clearing and detoxifying drugs, sedative and sleep aid drugs, chronic disease and skin disease drugs, covering most over-the-counter drugs.

The insured can enter the online medical insurance drug purchase area through the "Medical Health" channel on the home page of Alipay App or search the "Guangdong Medical Insurance" applet, and identify the pharmacy and drug orders with the "medical insurance payment" logo. In the payment process, after selecting "Medical Insurance Payment", follow the prompts to complete the real name authentication and mobile payment authorization of the medical insurance code. Once the order is confirmed, the medical insurance individual account payment can be completed. The insured can choose between "takeout delivery" or "pick up at the store", and most drug interfaces display delivery within 30 minutes.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau stated that in the future, the bureau will continue to focus on the needs of insured people for medical treatment, medication, and medical insurance services, integrate and improve medical insurance service capabilities, expand online medication channels, organize and guide more designated retail pharmacies to achieve online medical insurance personal account medication service applications, and enable insured people to enjoy more convenient and efficient medical insurance services.

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