Writing exchange meeting

Recently, the Municipal Literary Critics Association, together with the School of Literature at Wuyi University and the Guangdong Provincial Literary Critics Base, jointly hosted a literary writing exchange meeting with the theme of "Overseas Chinese Style and Charm: Overseas Chinese Literature and Daily Writing in Hometowns" at the School of Literature at Wuyi University.

At this exchange meeting, Liu Liyuan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Taishan Municipal Committee, Minister of Propaganda, member of the China Writers Association, and prose writer, was invited to give a keynote speech on "Literary Presentation of Rural Resources under the Background of Cultural Construction in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay Area - A Brief Discussion on Rural Literature Creation". Liu Liyuan believes that for rural areas with profound traditional cultural heritage, the historical and cultural connotations should be deeply explored in specific literary expressions, and the essence of rural culture should be inherited; For rural areas with rapid modernization, attention should be paid to reflecting the changes in rural society and the living conditions of rural people, and showcasing the new face of modernization in rural literature.

During the communication process, attending teachers, students, and guests engaged in a series of discussions and exchanges on the formation and changes of literary creation styles, how to find and discover themes, conceptualize works, and extract themes in real life. The attending students expressed that they have benefited a lot from this exchange meeting and hope to hold more similar lectures and activities.

Li Cuiye, Dean of the School of Literature at Wuyi University, believes that this literary exchange conference has opened up a good beginning for future cooperation and exchange between the school and the local community. She expressed her intention to take this opportunity to combine the development of student innovation and entrepreneurship projects, related research topics, and the vast rural social reality of the overseas Chinese hometown, fully leveraging the professional advantages of the students in the School of Literature who can speak and write, and contributing to the promotion and publicity of the culture of the overseas Chinese hometown.

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