One port export route

Recently, under the supervision of customs officers, a cargo ship loaded with containers set sail from Gaosha Port in Jiangmen City to Nansha Port in Guangzhou City, marking the official opening of the "Jiangmen Gaosha Guangzhou Nansha" one port export route. At present, Jiangmen Guan District has opened 6 combined port (one port) routes, covering three ports: offshore, Gaosha, and Xinhui. Since the beginning of this year, 20208 TEUs of goods have been exported through the combined port (one port) model.

It is reported that the "Jiangmen Gaosha Guangzhou Nansha" one port connection model takes Guangzhou Nansha Port as the hub port and Gaosha Port as the branch port. After the branch port customs implement "one declaration, one inspection, and one release", the exported goods are transported by barge to the hub port and directly loaded onto international ships for departure. The port clearance efficiency is significantly improved, reducing logistics costs by about 20% compared to the original water to water mode enterprise.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiangmen Customs has focused on the construction of smart customs, promoting the interconnection between ports in its jurisdiction and hub ports in the Greater Bay Area. Through the "door-to-door policy delivery" and the "one enterprise, one policy" mechanism, policy promotion has been continuously strengthened, and policy tools such as tax refunds at the port of departure, management of domestic and foreign trade on the same ship and site, linked port intermodal transportation, and deduction of inland waterway freight have been combined to continuously promote the security and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain. Yang Jie, Deputy Director of Logistics Monitoring Department of Gaosha Customs, said, "Since the beginning of this year, Gaosha Customs has supervised 54 voyages and 5215 TEUs of the 'Jiangmen Gaosha Shenzhen Yantian' combined port, ranking first in the 'combined port' Yantian Line in the Greater Bay Area. The proportion of container volume exceeds 45%, achieving the 'one port connection' model and the parallel tax refund of the water to water departure port, ensuring the speed, efficiency, flexibility and smoothness of cross-border logistics, and enhancing the sense of gain for enterprises."

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