Safety Production Month

During this year's "Safety Production Month", our city will carry out theme activities including the "Three Year Action Plan" special promotion, the "Safety Promotion Consultation Day" theme activity, the "Five Advancements" series of safety promotion activities, hazard exposure and warning education, and special emergency drills.

In mid June, the Municipal Guidance Office will organize a "Safety Propaganda and Consultation Day" activity. Relevant departments and units in various regions will closely follow the theme and organize their own activities, focusing on promoting safety production laws, regulations, and policy documents, popularizing knowledge about safety production, emergency avoidance, and self rescue and mutual rescue, and providing safety publicity and consultation services.

At the same time, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau will take propaganda and education as the starting point, establish and improve departmental coordination and linkage mechanisms, actively cooperate with education, public security, transportation, agriculture, meteorology, fire protection and other departments, integrate various forces, and carry out 1-2 activities per month. Regular safety promotion activities such as disaster prevention and reduction, drowning prevention, traffic safety, and fire protection will be carried out to promote the "Five Advancements" (entering enterprises, rural areas, communities, schools, and households), and improve the emergency avoidance ability of the whole society.

In addition, compared to previous years, this year's "Safety Production Month" will further highlight the crucial role of "life channels" in emergency evacuation and rescue. Various relevant departments and units in various regions will conduct thematic scenario simulations, practical exercises, and emergency drills around the theme of "unobstructed life channels", organize and carry out various open classes on escape and evacuation, and experience training on escape and evacuation. Our city will also promote the comprehensive construction of safety production emergency rescue teams by production and operation units in high-risk industries in accordance with the law, cultivate a group of qualified emergency rescue personnel, carry out a series of targeted emergency drills, proficiently master standardized emergency response processes, enhance enterprise level emergency rescue capabilities, and meet the needs of safety risk prevention and accident rescue.

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