Psychological Assistance Hotline - High School Entrance Examination Special Line

In order to help high school and college entrance examination candidates cope with stress, anxiety, and other issues, the 24-hour psychological assistance hotline (0750-3125678) in Jiangmen City has recently added a special line for the high school and college entrance examination, actively providing psychological counseling services to improve the psychological adjustment ability of candidates.

Faced with the upcoming exam, some candidates are excited and eager, as if they have already seen their desired university gate; Some candidates are nervous and anxious, worried that they may not be able to perform at their best. If candidates or parents are unable to adjust appropriately, they can provide psychological counseling by calling 0750-3125678.

Empowering with "heart", "winning" to take the high school and college entrance examination! In fact, it is inevitable to feel more or less nervous before the exam. The 24-hour psychological assistance hotline in Jiangmen City has issued a prescription for anti anxiety to help candidates alleviate their anxiety:

1. Let it be: The review plan should be adapted to the usual schedule and should not be blindly reviewed with high workload. Don't stay up late at night by deliberately refreshing yourself with coffee, tea, etc. When you're tired, go to sleep and let nature take its course.

2. Self relaxation: In the tense review rhythm, candidates should also give themselves time to catch their breath, pay attention to relaxation and rest, and exercise appropriately. When feeling anxious, give yourself positive psychological suggestions, such as breathing or muscle relaxation, or doing things you enjoy to divert attention.

3. Moderate venting: When negative emotions reach their peak, moderate venting can be used to alleviate them, such as crying, talking to friends, singing, or exercising.

4. Psychological counseling: When psychological endurance has exceeded its peak and cannot self regulate, professional help can be sought, and a psychological counselor may be able to provide more scientific assistance.

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