Jiangmen is on the list

The reporter learned that Jiangmen was listed on the 2024 Top 100 Brands Index of Chinese Prefectural Cities, ranking 52nd with a brand index of 338.81. Compared to last year, Jiangmen's ranking has risen by one place.

It is reported that this evaluation adopts five primary indicators of "quality, service, innovation, tangible assets, intangible assets" and 37 secondary indicators of "urban comprehensive credit index, communication index, and number of national characteristic brands", highlighting the reputation and recognition of the city. The aim is to promote the city to adapt to local conditions, take the path of differentiated high-quality development, and create a highly recognizable Chinese brand city.

Overseas Chinese are the biggest feature of Jiangmen, with over 5.3 million Jiangmen overseas Chinese spread across 145 countries and regions around the world, becoming the international "spokesperson" for their hometown Jiangmen, creating a magnificent scene of "two Jiangmen at home and abroad". From May 16th to 18th, 2023, the 2023 Overseas Chinese Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Conference, jointly hosted by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, was held in Jiangmen. About 700 overseas Chinese from 90 countries and regions gathered together through Jiangmen, an important window for overseas Chinese to observe Guangdong and even China, to seek common development. On January 1st of this year, the first local regulation in China to promote cultural exchange and cooperation among overseas Chinese, the Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Promotion Regulations, officially came into effect. Jiangmen City uses this regulation to convey the sincerity of "sharing the Chinese Dream" to overseas Chinese around the world.

As a traditional manufacturing base in Guangdong, Jiangmen is also a layout city for all 20 strategic industries in the province. The world's largest wide flat shallow draft semi submersible barge and the first integrated intelligent box for source, network, load, and storage in China were born in Jiangmen. In April of this year, at the 135th Canton Fair, China's first large-scale application of magnesium alloy lightweight materials, such as the ZT703-F motorcycle, hybrid electric drones with a range of more than 2 hours, and laser cutting machines with millimeter level cutting accuracy, attracted the attention of many foreign merchants. More and more "Jiangmen Manufacturing" is going global.

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