Overseas Chinese Legal Service Mini Program

The "Yiqiaotong" overseas legal service mini program jointly developed by the Municipal Intermediate People's Court and the Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese has been officially launched. Parties residing overseas can handle various litigation affairs in a one-stop manner through the mini program, achieving "zero running errands" in litigation.

As an integrated legal service platform, "Yiqiaotong" is vertically interconnected with the national government service platform and the online litigation service platform of the People's Court, and horizontally interconnected with the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court authorized witness platform, Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, and Jiangmen Wuyi Notary Office, achieving full process online processing of cross-border case filing, cross-border authorization, cross-border notarization, court hearing, mediation, etc., effectively saving the litigation costs of parties and litigation agents.

"In the past, parties involved in cross-border litigation had to go to the embassy to complete notarization and authentication procedures, which took up to 90 days. Now, identity information can be confirmed online through remote video and relevant agency documents can be signed, and the entire process only takes 5 minutes." Zheng Pingping, a member of the "Overseas Chinese Empowerment" work team at the Jiangmen Intermediate People's Court, introduced.

It is reported that "Yiqiaotong" has also connected to the "Map of Foreign Legal Services", which includes numerous foreign legal service institutions covering five continents around the world, including embassies and consulates abroad, public legal service centers (stations), law firms, notary offices, etc., and is accompanied by external photos, introductions, addresses, contact numbers, office hours, and other information. Overseas Chinese can choose service institutions nearby to handle relevant matters.

Previously, Jiangmen Court had established a "Yiqiao Yilu" overseas interest protection system that integrates overseas litigation service center, diversified dispute resolution center, litigation mediation docking center, and overseas interest protection research center. The launch of "Yiqiao Tong" further expanded the digital "territory" of overseas judicial protection, allowing the innovative achievements of smart courts to provide more efficient and convenient judicial services for overseas Chinese and help optimize the legal environment in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

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