12 round-trip trips per day

The completion and opening of the Shenzhen Zhongshan Corridor is imminent, and the pace of connecting and linking various infrastructure between Jiangmen and Shenzhen is further accelerating. On June 11th, the reporter learned from Jiangmen Cultural Tourism Transportation Group that the Shenzhen Airport Jiangmen Airport Project is under construction. As an extension service point of Shenzhen Airport in the Jiangmen area, it will provide citizens with one-stop services such as ticket sales, check-in, and luggage check-in. For the convenience of citizens' travel, Jiangmen Culture and Tourism Transportation Group plans to open the Shenjiang Airport Express, which will be opened simultaneously with the Shenzhong Passage. During operation, it is planned to operate once an hour, and adjustments will be made according to the passenger flow situation after operation.

According to the plan, the departure time from Jiangmen Airport to Shenzhen Airport is 7:00-18:00, with one flight per hour, directly reaching Gate 6 of Terminal T3, with a journey of about 60 minutes; The departure time from Shenzhen Airport towards Jiangmen is 9:00-20:00, with one departure per hour. The airport arrival hall (west wing) Jiangzhong waiting hall directly leads to Jiangmen. Every day, there are 12 classes to go to and 12 classes to go back to, and at the same time, business customization is launched to meet the travel needs of citizens.

Shenzhen Airport Jiangmen Airport is located on the northeast side of the intersection of Jiangmen Avenue and Wuyi Road. It is planned to set up check-in areas, office areas, VIP areas, waiting areas, and departure areas. After its official operation in the future, it will provide passengers with one-stop boarding services such as check-in, baggage transfer, and airport express buses.

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