Travel service information

Air Travel Service

(1) Jiangmen Baiyun Air Service Center

Address: No. 100, Yuejin Road, Jiangmen Tel:(0750)3273323 3273333

(2) Jiangmen Baiyun Air Service Center, Xinhui Business Office

Address: No. 55, Zhizheng South Road, Xinhui District, Jiangmen Tel: (0750)6604833

(3) Jiangmen Waiting Hall, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Address: No. 116 Ying Bin Avenue, Jiangmen (East Wing of Yucca Hotel)

Tel: 0750-3166333 0750-3166332

The first coach leaves at 06:00 and the last leaves at 18:40.

Long-distance Passenger Transport

(1) Jiangmen Coach Station

Address: 3rd No.139 Jianshe Road (at the intersection between Jiangmen- Sha'ping

Road and Jiang Qiao Road), Jiangmen CityTel: (0750) 3881888

(2) Jiangmen Shengli Bus Station

This station dispatches 19 coaches to Hong Kong and 17 to Macau every day.

Address: 38 Shengli Road, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City Tel: (0750)3334912

(3)Jianghai Coach Station, Jiangmen City

Address: No.59, Zhan Qian Yi Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen


Taxi Service

Dianzhao (0750)3168888 3501000

Nanan:(0750) 3509036

Qiyun:(0750) 3680101

Xinlian:(0750) 3168938

Sanqiao: (0750) 6321398

Passenger Transport to Hong Kong and Macao

(1) Jiangmen Hongkong Macao Passenger Joint Transportation Co.,Ltd. (Jiangmen Harbor)

Address: Hong Kong and Macau Wharf, Waihai Hi-tech Development Zone, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City

Ferry Schedule: Jiangmen to Hong Kong at 08:15/15:00, Hong Kong to Jiangmen at 11:30/18:15

Phone Number:(0750)3773220 3773250 3773221

(2) Heshan Hegang Harbor Passenger Transport Joint Venture Co., Ltd. (Heshan Harbor)

Address: No. 6, Yanjiang Street, Shaping Sub-District, Heshan City

Ferry Schedule: Heshan to Hong Kong at 08:30, Hong Kong to Heshan at 18:00

Phone Number: (0750)8820284 8821600

(3)Yuetong Card Service Hotline: 96533

(4)Guangdong Expressway Operation and Management Service complaint hotline: 96998

Railway Passenger Transport

(1)Jiangmen Station: 1.6km east of Pingjiao Fork between Jinzhou Road and Qichao

Avenue, Huicheng Street, Xinhui District, Jiangm City, Guangdong Province

(2)Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Jiangmen East Station: Wuyi Road, Jianghai District

(3)Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Xinhui Station: Xinhui Avenue, Xinhui District

(4)Shuangshui Town Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:X539 County Road, Shuangshui Town, Xinhui District

(5)Taishan Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:Chen Yixi Road, Taicheng Street, Taishan City

(6)Kaiping South Station of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway:Zhonghe Road, Sanbu Street, Kaiping City

(7)Enping Station of Jiangmen and Zhangjiang Railway:S297, Provincial Highway, Dongcheng Town, Enping City

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