BaishaMaolong Writing Brushes

Originated in the Ming Dynasty, the Baisha Maolong Writing Brush has a history of more than 500 years. The founder was Chen Baisha(also known as Chen Xianzhang), a Confucian philosopher, poet, andcalligrapher.The Maolong Writing Brush is made with thatch collected from Guifeng Mountain as the main material. The process includes selecting,cutting, soaking, hammering, and scraping the thatch. This writing brush is a model of traditional handcrafting and is an outstanding, ingenious example of how plant fibers can be used. Calligraphy created through the Maolong Brush is unique and irreplaceable. After several hundred years, the Maolong Writing Brush is still exalted and used by the local calligraphy community.

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