More than 100000 people share the fragrance of books

Recently, the Guangdong- Hong Kong -Macao -Gui-iong "4.23 Half Hour Reading Together" reading activity was held, with over 100000 people from about 300 reading points including public libraries and their branches, book mobility service points, schools, communities, government institutions, and the New Era Civilization Practice Station at all levels in our city sharing the fragrance of books and enjoying the pleasure of reading.

On that day, the city library held a grand ceremony. 30 librarians recited the reading proposal in unison, advocating that citizens should study hard and enjoy reading. At the same time, more than 150 children from Yaoxi Kindergarten in Pengjiang District carried out the theme activity of "Bookish Tour" Library Visit Day at the municipal library, deeply experiencing the bookish atmosphere of the library.

At the First Kindergarten in the city, children are accompanied by teachers to flip through picture books and read story books, and together they explore the sea of books. "I really enjoy reading. Books are like a magic wand that can open magical doors for us." 6-year-old Wu Weizhou shared interesting stories with his friends, which made them burst into laughter.

On that day, employees of the National Postdoctoral Innovation (Jiangmen) Demonstration Center jointly recited "Liang Qichao's New Citizen Talk - Perseverance Chapter". "I hope to cultivate good reading habits among employees through activities, so that everyone can recognize that adversity is inevitable throughout life, and we must face difficulties with strong willpower," said Tan Haowei, deputy director of the center.

In recent years, our city has actively built a number of accessible libraries and bookstores, and vigorously carried out brand reading activities to create a strong reading atmosphere in the whole society.

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