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Vietnamese Consul General Wu Yueying and his delegation visited our city to conduct in-depth exchanges on enhancing friendship and promoting cooperation between the two sides. Li Huiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, participated in relevant activities.

Li Huiwen, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Government, warmly welcomed the arrival of Wu Yueying and his delegation. He stated that Jiangmen has a superior location and is an important node city in the Guangdong -Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area, with outstanding advantages in multi modal transportation by river, sea, land, and air. Jiangmen has a complete range of industrial products, developed agriculture, abundant tourism resources, complementary advantages between the two sides, and increasingly close exchanges. I hope that the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou can play a greater role in promoting friendly exchanges between the two sides, seize opportunities for RCEP development, continuously deepen and expand cooperation in economy, trade, culture and tourism between the two regions, and achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Wu Yueying highly praised the achievements of Jiangmen's economic and social development in recent years. He stated that Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Township has a profound historical and cultural heritage, a vibrant industry, and enormous development potential. The foundation for deepening cooperation between the two regions is good and the prospects are broad. The Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou will fully leverage its role as a bridge and link, actively promoting in-depth friendly cooperation between the two sides in various fields.

During this period, Wu Yueying and his delegation also visited Jiangmen City Planning Exhibition Hall, the Overseas Chinese Museum in Jiangmen, Kaiping Liyuan, Zili Village Diaolou Group, and other places, and had discussions and exchanges with relevant departments in our city.

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