Completing the curtain

The first National Student (Youth) Games (Open Group) Women's Volleyball Tournament under the age of 16 successfully concluded at the Jiangmen Sports Center Gymnasium. After 5 days of fierce competition, Tianjin Binhai New Area ranked first with a score of four wins (12 points), demonstrating a good spiritual outlook and technical and tactical level, and successfully advanced to the final stage.

This competition aims to build a technical exchange and competitive platform for national volleyball athletes, which is of great significance for the selection of national volleyball reserve talents and the construction of volleyball teams. During the Jiangmen competition, the management committee and organizing committee made detailed arrangements in the organization and logistics support of the event. All staff members devoted themselves wholeheartedly with a practical spirit to ensure the smooth hosting of the event, winning recognition from the participating team's coaches and athletes.

With the end of the playoffs, the top twelve sports teams in the women's volleyball finals of the first National Student Youth Association under the age of 16 also emerged, including Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Huangpu District, Shanghai City, Chaoyang District, Beijing City, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Luoyang City, Henan Province, Binhai New Area, Tianjin City, and the host city Nanning City, Guangxi Province.

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