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The Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Yang Runxiong, and his delegation visited Jiangmen for research. Vice Mayor Lin Jiansheng met with Yang Runxiong and his delegation, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on deepening cultural and tourism cooperation and high-quality development between the two regions.

At the symposium, Lin Jiansheng welcomed the visit of Yang Runxiong and his delegation, and introduced the development of the cultural and tourism industry in Jiangmen and the ideas for cooperation with Hong Kong. He said that Hong Kong and Jiangmen share the same cultural origin, are closely related, geographically connected, and complement each other's advantages. I hope that through this event, we can provide a good communication platform for the cultural, tourism, and sports authorities and industries of the two regions, fully leverage the complementary advantages and cooperation enthusiasm of the two regions' resources, share tourism resources, jointly expand the tourism market, connect tourism routes, and send each other tourism customers, achieving strong cooperation and a win-win future.

Yang Runxiong and major representatives from Hong Kong introduced the recovery of Hong Kong's tourism industry and suggestions for future cooperation between the two sides. Yang Runxiong stated that the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has always integrated into the overall development of the country in the direction of "shaping tourism through culture, and promoting culture through tourism", and has opened up new spaces for cooperation and development in cultural tourism. Jiangmen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China, and Hong Kong is the capital of cultural integration between the East and the West. We hope that both sides can strengthen connections, explore unique features, deepen cultural and tourism cooperation, and contribute to creating a wonderful Chinese cultural tourism experience. Together, we can tell the story of the Bay Area and China.

On the same day, Yang Runxiong and his delegation also visited the Overseas Chinese Museum in the Chinese Overseas Chinese Capital for research.

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