A Root Hunting Journey

The 2023 "China Roots Hunting Tour" summer camp (Guangdong Jiangmen Fengyun South Guangdong Camp), hosted by the China Overseas Chinese Federation and organized by the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation and the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, was closed at the China-Canada Bairen School in Guangdong. The Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation issued a certificate of closure to 18 Venezuelan Chinese youth campers and team leaders, while the campers presented their achievements and showcased their talents.

This summer camp focuses on learning excellent traditional culture. Since its opening on August 3rd, the campers have participated in small classes such as Chinese language learning and calligraphy to receive Chinese language education; Visit the Overseas Chinese Museum, Qimingli, Chen Baisha Memorial Hall, Liang Qichao Former Residence Memorial Hall, and other places in the Chinese Overseas Chinese Capital to learn about the history and culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese; Visit Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town, Gulou Water Township, Chenpi Village and other unique overseas Chinese international cultural exchange bases and cultural landscapes with the charm of overseas Chinese hometown; Experience firsthand the production of intangible cultural heritage projects such as Jiangmen Dongyi Palace Lantern and Zhenhao Clay Chicken

This summer camp was held very well, with rich course content, strong experience, and great learning results! "Venezuelan overseas Chinese leader Cen Lutao said that overseas Chinese have always loved their country and hometown, and they eagerly hope that the new generation of Chinese born in foreign countries and holding foreign passports will have the opportunity to go back to China and their hometown more, understand and learn about traditional Chinese culture. This type of summer camp is very popular overseas, and I hope to persist and benefit more new generations of Chinese Americans overseas.

It is understood that the "Chinese Roots Hunting Tour" summer (winter) camp for overseas Chinese teenagers is a brand event for foreign cultural exchange organized by the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, with the theme of "Chinese, Culture, Roots Hunting". The aim is to help overseas Chinese teenagers learn Chinese, understand Chinese national conditions and culture, and strengthen their emotional identification with the Chinese nation. In recent years, the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation has made good use of this carrier to build a bridge for cultural exchange among Chinese youth. It has organized overseas Chinese youth to come to Jiangmen, the capital of overseas Chinese, to learn and experience the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the culture of their hometown, enhance emotions, and promote cultural exchange and integration between China and foreign countries. It has successively promoted Chinese youth from Thailand, France, Australia, Canada, and other countries to come to China to seek their roots.

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