Receiving the first batch of goods from the China Europe train

Recently, under the supervision of Xinhui Customs under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen Customs, four shipments of 1549 tons of kraft paper from Russia were transported by China Europe Express to Nansha Railway Freight Station, and then transferred to a container truck for transportation to the Jiangmen Dachang Shenchang Public Bonded Warehouse. This is the first batch of goods received by our bonded warehouse on the China Europe freight train.

It is understood that after the goods enter the bonded warehouse, the import enterprise's value-added tax does not need to be paid in a lump sum, but is paid in batches according to the needs of the enterprise, solving the problem of enterprise capital occupation. Wu Yaojun, Senior Director of the Customs Department of Jiangmen Dachang Shenchang Food Processing and Warehousing Co., Ltd., introduced: "This batch of goods was originally stored in Russia, and the storage costs are high. To save costs, we want to transport the goods to a public bonded warehouse for storage through the China Europe Express

Due to the fact that this enterprise is handling railway transportation bonded warehousing business for the first time and is not familiar with relevant procedures and customs clearance processes, and the 62 containers of this batch of goods need to be declared in 62 warehouse receipts corresponding to 62 customs declaration forms, which poses a major challenge for the enterprise's customs clearance.

After understanding the situation, Xinhui Customs seized the clearance time and quickly developed a detailed clearance plan for enterprises, guiding them to use the principle of "the same entry and exit port, the same date, the same train number, the same domestic consignee and shipper, the same contract, and the same product name can be merged into manifest", and to use the national customs integration mode, superimposed with the convenience measures of bonded declaration list and automatic verification of "arrival confirmation" release list, Successfully completing customs procedures within 1 hour has saved the company's operating costs and further enhanced its sense of gain.

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