A Root Hunting Journey

Recently, the opening ceremony of the 2023 "China Roots Hunting Journey" summer camp (Jiangmen Fengyun South Guangdong Camp in Guangdong Province) was held at the China- Canada Bairen School. In the next 9 days, 18 Chinese teenagers from Venezuela will visit attractions such as the Chinese Overseas Chinese Museum, Qimingli, Chen Baisha Memorial Hall, Chikan Overseas Chinese Ancient Town, Gulou Water Township, etc. They will also learn Maolong calligraphy, learn to make traditional snacks in Jiangmen, and fully experience the culture of the overseas Chinese hometown.

It is understood that this summer camp is hosted by the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, organized by the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese and the Municipal Federation of Overseas Chinese, with the theme of "Chinese, Culture, and Rooting". The aim is to help overseas Chinese teenagers learn Chinese, understand China's national conditions and culture, and strengthen their emotional identification with the Chinese nation.

Cen Lutao, Vice President of the Venezuelan Federation of Overseas Chinese and the person in charge of Hualianshe Chinese School and Ma Dao Chinese School, told reporters, "I have been participating in the summer camp organized by the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese for over 10 years, and this event is very rich in content. I hope that through visiting and learning, students can not only increase their knowledge, but also deepen their understanding of China and the achievements of Jiangmen's economic and social development

Camper Li Shangxi is 13 years old and was born in Venezuela. Her father is from Taishan and her mother is from Enping. He said: "When I was in Venezuela, my parents attached great importance to my traditional culture and education. They talked to me at home and we also ate moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival. I was excited and excited to be able to feel my hometown Jiangmen at a close distance when I participated in this summer camp. I will take this summer camp as an opportunity to see, learn and experience more, and deeply feel the traditional culture of Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese, and the development and changes of urban and rural areas."

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