Attending guests visiting Jiangmen at night

In order to allow guests attending the 2023 Overseas Chinese Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Conference to have a close look at the city of Jiangmen and taste the beautiful night scenery of the Overseas Chinese Capital, our city has carefully crafted two overseas Chinese night tour routes. After the night tour, the guests exclaimed, "The city scenery of Jiangmen is so beautiful.

The overseas Chinese hometown charm route passes through Wuyi Overseas Chinese Plaza, Yuanbaoshan Sports Park, Qimingli, Xiasha Park, and other places. Guests get off to visit the Changdi Historical and Cultural District. There is an intangible cultural heritage exhibition area on the Changdi Youth Square, where traditional techniques and products from overseas Chinese hometown such as Dongyi Palace Lantern, Jiangmen Egg Carving, Baisha Maolong Pen, and Xinhui Chen Pi Processing Technique have been highly praised by guests; The arcade built along the street gathers Chinese and Western elements, and the guests walk in the location of the filming of 'Wild Wind' to experience the unique overseas flavor and charm.

The urban vitality route passes through places such as Wuyi Overseas Chinese Plaza, Donghu Park, Busan Park, and International Marathon Park. Cantonese opera duets, Tai Xu Boxing in the Outer Sea, orchestral performances, dragon and lion night tours, Tai Chi Boxing, square dancing... The exhibition activities at various locations are rich and colorful, and overseas Chinese listen carefully to the explanations and occasionally stop to take photos.

The non -heritage cultural and creative exhibition area of Busan Park is neatly arranged with eight stalls, showcasing cultural and handicrafts with local characteristics of Jiangmen to guests, including ritual and music dragon boats, Shenggong carp, Liang's wood carvings, Taishan jade, etc.

The brightly lit banks of the river, the charming night scenery of Busan Park, and the vibrant Xiasha Park left a deep impression on Liang Qingliang, the president of the Chinese Business Association in Sihanouk Province, Cambodia, with the thick smoke and smoke along the way. The urban scenery of Jiangmen is amazing! "Liang Qingliang said that through this event, he further increased his understanding of Jiangmen and was confident in its future development. He will pass on the achievements of Jiangmen's construction and development to overseas relatives and friends, and enhance communication and cooperation.

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