World Red Cross Day series activities

The Municipal Red Cross Society and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly held the "Hand in Hand Humanity, Caring for Life" 2023 Jiangmen City "World Red Cross Day" series of activities and the launch ceremony of emergency care on campus at the Binjiang Campus of Fanluogang Elementary School. Vice Mayor Zhou Peishan attended the event and delivered a speech.

During the event, the organizers awarded medals to six newly established Red Cross schools and donated emergency rescue materials. The volunteer service team of the Municipal Red Cross Society conducted emergency rescue drills.

Zhou Peishan pointed out that May 8th this year is the 76th "World Red Cross Day", promoting the spirit of "humanity, love, and dedication" of the Red Cross, strengthening the construction of grassroots Red Cross societies, and promoting emergency rescue work on campus, which is of profound and significant significance. She emphasized that doing a good job in the Red Cross youth work should be an important means of cultivating and practicing socialist core values, and organizing youth to carry out volunteer services and practical activities for the Red Cross movement; To strengthen guarantees, strive to create good conditions for the work of Red Cross youth, vigorously create Red Cross model schools, use overseas Chinese as bridges, and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation among international, Hong Kong, Macao, and regional Red Cross youth; We need to promote the Red Cross Life Education Action and promote the "Red Cross+Save by Your Side" emergency rescue training into campus activities. Starting from Pengjiang District, we will launch the Red Cross primary rescue worker training action in the city's education system from point to surface, making positive contributions to protecting the lives and health of young people and helping to build a harmonious and safe campus.

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