More than ten Jiangmen overseas Chinese leaders participated

The 10th World Association of Overseas Chinese Associations was held in Beijing, with nearly 500 leaders of overseas Chinese associations from over 130 countries and regions participating. More than ten leaders of Jiangmen overseas Chinese community participated in this gathering, filled with enthusiasm and confidence, to witness the tremendous achievements of our country and look forward to writing a new chapter for our country and hometown on the new journey.

Su Xinxiao, President of the Brazilian Guangdong Association of Fellows and Overseas Chinese Member of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, stated that he has returned to his motherland from ten thousand miles to participate in the Friendship Conference. He hopes that through this learning, he can better leverage his own advantages, unite all overseas Chinese living in Brazil to work together and move forward bravely, and play a greater role in the friendly exchanges between China and Brazil.

In addition to attending social gatherings, it is their hometown that keeps the heads of these clubs in mind. After the Friendship Conference, relevant units arranged multiple inspection routes for attendees to choose from, and our city's overseas Chinese leaders did not hesitate to choose to return to Guangdong for inspection.

During the inspection period in Guangdong, overseas Chinese leaders will participate in the 2023 Overseas Chinese Guangdong- Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area Conference held in Jiangmen next week, which fills them with anticipation for this "home" trip. The conference held in Jiangmen is not only a recognition of Jiangmen's recent in-depth promotion of the "Empowerment of Overseas Chinese Capital" project and the improvement of overseas Chinese affairs, but also a good opportunity to promote Jiangmen and promote it.

As the chairman of the Thai Chinese Overseas Chinese Business Association, Kuang Jinrong holds great confidence in the economic and trade exchanges between China and Thailand. He stated that the Greater Bay Area is an important engine for China's economic development and will pay attention to the new momentum and opportunities brought by this conference.

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