Conduct an investigation in Jiangmen

Experts and scholars from Tsinghua University Alumni Association, who participated in the opening ceremony of Mr. Liang Qichao's special exhibition, visited the Overseas Chinese Museum and Bird Paradise National Wetland Park in the Overseas Chinese Capital of China for on-site investigation and research, and provided insights and suggestions for the future protection and utilization of historical relics, as well as the integration and development of cultural and tourism industries in Jiangmen and Xinhui.

At the Overseas Chinese Museum, a series of yellowed overseas Chinese stamps, old objects crossing the ocean, and old photos that remember time gradually come into view. With the explanation of the interpreter, the stories and spirit of overseas Chinese deeply moved experts and scholars.

An 83-year-old alumnus of Tsinghua University Wu Zhenhui, a retired teacher at Wuyi University, told reporters: My ancestral home is in Kaiping, and some of my ancestors went to North America to make a living, so I felt very friendly when visiting. Compared to the old museum, the new Overseas Chinese Museum has more enriched content and advanced display technology, making people involuntarily immerse themselves in the past era. What impressed me the most was the newly added Ding Long deeds exhibition area - he was the first to set up a lecture specifically on Chinese culture in the United States, which made me feel the patriotism of overseas Chinese He also suggested: "The Overseas Chinese Museum has a very thick historical and cultural exhibition, but do not be satisfied with offline display. Efforts should be made to expand publicity online, so that more people can 'watch the exhibition online'

In Bird's Paradise, the trees full of egrets make experts and scholars exclaim in delight, Fang Ronghui, from the Shenzhen Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, said, "I didn't expect the ecological protection of Bird Paradise to be so good. With so many birds inhabiting here, our fellow alumni felt that it exceeded their imagination." She suggested, "Firstly, we should increase the protection of these precious ecological resources; Secondly, we should increase publicity, combine Qichao culture with ecological resources, and let more people come and visit

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