Tourism revenue of 5.599 billion yuan

The first quarter cultural and tourism economic analysis and "May Day" holiday safety production work conference in Jiangmen City in 2023 was held to analyze and evaluate the cultural and tourism economic situation in the first quarter of our city, and to deploy and do a good job in safety production during the "May Day" period, solidly promoting the high-quality development of the city's cultural and tourism industry. Vice Mayor Lin Jiansheng attended the meeting.

The meeting reported on the operation of cultural and tourism economic indicators in our city in the first quarter of this year. In the first quarter, the tourism market in our city experienced a strong recovery. According to preliminary estimates, the city received 5.4651 million tourists, with a tourism revenue of 5.599 billion yuan, an increase of 83.93% and 143.61% year-on-year.

Lin Jiansheng stated that the popular Chinese New Year drama "Furious Wind" has become popular in Jiangmen, and the popularity of film and television dramas has a lifecycle. It is necessary to turn the short-term pulling effect of film and television into the long tail effect of a classic tourist destination. In response, he proposed three requirements: firstly, to do a good job in publicity and promotion, continuously activate the cultural and tourism consumption atmosphere, and do a good job in promoting consumption, promoting activities, and strengthening marketing; The second is to enhance reception capabilities and promote innovation and upgrading of cultural and tourism products. Our city is expected to usher in a new peak of tourism consumption during the May Day holiday. We need to coordinate and do a good job in tourism safety, create a safe and high-quality tourism environment for tourists, and continue to enhance our city's good image as a tourist city; The third is to continue the policy of assisting enterprises, continuously optimize the development environment of cultural and tourism enterprises, and activate the revenue generating power of cultural and tourism enterprises.

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