Co-planting civilized forest

The "Rooted in the Green and Beautiful Guangdong of the Overseas Chinese Hometown" civilized forest planting activity jointly organized by the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Pengjiang District Committee was held in Huangzhuang Park, Pengjiang District. Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and head of the Publicity Department, representatives of the cadres of the Publicity System, the main responsible persons of Pengjiang District, representatives of overseas Chinese and volunteers, planted various palace pink redbud trees together, and helped build a modern comprehensive practice area that coordinated material civilization and spiritual civilization with practical actions.

At the event site, overseas Chinese, party members, cadres, and representatives of the public carried shovels to cultivate soil, supported seedlings to fill pits, irrigated soil, and planted a batch of palace pink Bauhinia trees, embellishing Huangzhuang Park, effectively enhancing the urban landscape of Jiangmen.

The relevant person in charge of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee stated that the activities of co planting civilized forests have four main purposes: firstly, to implement the Green and Beautiful Guangdong Ecological Construction Action; secondly, to mobilize overseas Chinese to actively participate in the high-quality development of their hometown; thirdly, to promote the coordinated development of the "two civilizations"; fourthly, to integrate the socialist core values into the landscape.

"The modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature is an important feature of Chinese path to modernization. To carry out the activity of co planting civilized forests between overseas Chinese and citizens' roots in the hometown of overseas Chinese, green and beautiful Guangdong 'is to hope to enhance the' root consciousness' of overseas Chinese by means of voluntary planting trees, gather their hearts, minds, talents and wisdom, help Jiangmen comprehensively build a comprehensive modernization practice area that coordinates material civilization and spiritual civilization, and contribute to promoting Chinese path to modernization." The person in charge said.

The event also unveiled the "Rooted in Overseas Chinese Hometown" and the observation stone of socialist core values.

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