Series of events were held

Kaiping City held a series of activities called "Returning to the Place where the Story of" Jin Xu "Occurred - Chikan" in the ancient town of overseas Chinese in Chikan, leveraging the influence of the novel "Jin Xu" to further improve the quality of "overseas Chinese" articles in the new era and promote the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry in Wuyi Overseas Chinese Township. Qiu Huadong, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Writers' Association, Bao Honglie, Deputy Director of the Founding Department of the Chinese Writers' Association, and Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, participated in the event.

During the event, more than 20 writers and critics from all over the country gathered to discuss their reading experiences and appreciate the charm of the overseas Chinese capital. It is reported that the novel "Jin Xu" was created by renowned author Xiong Yuqun with the theme of Chikan Ancient Town of Overseas Chinese, and set against the background of rural revitalization in the new era. It tells the story of a century long history of opening up overseas Chinese, and has been included in the "Reform and Opening Up Again" deep penetration project of the Chinese Writers' Association, the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Provincial Writers' Association, as well as the "New Era Literature Climbing Plan" and the "Sailing Plan · Overseas Translation and Introduction of Chinese Literature" list of the Chinese Writers' Association, Key support projects for the creation of literary and artistic masterpieces in Jiangmen City. The work was published and distributed in December 2022, opening a new window for readers to appreciate Jiangmen overseas Chinese culture.

Chen Ji delivered a speech stating that Jiangmen is renowned as the "First Hometown of Overseas Chinese in China" and the "Capital of Overseas Chinese in China". In recent years, Jiangmen has fully utilized the strategic resources of overseas Chinese and made every effort to build an important national platform for cultural exchange and cooperation between overseas Chinese and Chinese, and has made efforts to demonstrate the responsibility of overseas Chinese among the more than 60 million overseas Chinese who have contacted and served the world. Jiangmen not only has the "Golden Village" in novels, but also a "Golden Village" of cultural resources for overseas Chinese. We look forward to all renowned figures fully leveraging their professional and resource advantages to explore and showcase in more and richer artistic forms, promote the high-quality development of overseas Chinese culture, and jointly write articles on "overseas Chinese" in Jiangmen in the new era.

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