Total investment exceeding 6 billion US dollars

The inauguration ceremony of the Jiangmen Wuyi Taiwan Funded Enterprise Association and the 11th Board of Directors and Supervisors was held. Xiao Nan, the second level inspector of the Provincial Party Committee's Taiwan Affairs Office, and Li Huiwen, a member of the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, attended the event.

Chen Minzong, the newly appointed President of the Jiangmen Wuyi Taiwanese Enterprise Association, stated that he will assist Jiangmen and Taiwan in interactive exchanges, actively take on responsibilities in further expanding economic and trade cooperation between the two regions, and will further increase efforts to devote himself to social welfare, adding bricks and tiles to the civilized Jiangmen and harmonious overseas Chinese hometown.

Xiao Nan stated that Taiwan Affairs Offices at all levels in Guangdong will continue to create more development opportunities and convenient conditions for Taiwanese citizens and enterprises. He hopes that the majority of Taiwanese citizens will strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, and strive to achieve high-quality development.

Li Huiwen stated that the Municipal Party Committee and Government will further implement various national and provincial policies to benefit Taiwan, and combine them with the actual situation in Jiangmen to study and introduce more detailed measures to benefit Taiwan; We will further deepen economic and trade cooperation between the two regions, promote the high-quality development of Taiwanese enterprises, promote the employment and entrepreneurship of the younger generation in the Yangtze River, and facilitate the living and living of Taiwanese residents in the river. Together, we will promote exchanges and cooperation between the two regions to a new level, making new and greater contributions to the reunification of the motherland and national rejuvenation.

On the same day, a launch ceremony was held for Jiangmen Taiwanese funded enterprises to increase capital and expand production to promote high-quality development. According to statistics, a total of 1537 Taiwanese funded enterprises have been approved for establishment in the city, with a total investment of over 6 billion US dollars.

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