Foreign Talent "Wuyi Tour"

The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized the "Wuyi Tour" activity for foreign talents in Jiangmen City in 2023, leading them to visit Jingmei Village in Xinhui and the Overseas Chinese Museum in the Chinese Overseas Chinese Capital, enriching the leisure cultural life of foreign talents working in our city, and deepening their understanding and recognition of the culture of overseas Chinese hometown.

Entering Jingmei Village, foreign talents seem to have entered the world of Kung Fu. The walls of the breathtaking alleyway showcase Cai Lifo's martial arts skills through wall paintings, reliefs, and landscape installations. Each move is vivid and vivid, and foreign talents stop to visit and take photos as souvenirs. Likes from Russia said that he had learned some Chinese kungfu in the film before, especially Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, which impressed him deeply. Today when I came to Jingmei Village, I realized the deeper meaning behind Cai Li Fo Quan. "Li Ke said that after learning Cai Li Fo Quan from his master, he found every move and action more difficult than he imagined. However, he also sighed that if he learned this skill, he would become an" incredible "man in this world.

Upon arriving at the Overseas Chinese Museum in the Overseas Chinese Capital of China, foreign talents, under the guidance of interpreters, looked back at the long history of Jiangmen, the capital of overseas Chinese. Old photos and old objects attract the attention of foreign talents. They stop and listen attentively, looking back on this eventful period, all of them are filled with emotions.

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