Two new scientific research workstations

Recently, the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee issued the list of the first batch of new postdoctoral research stations in 2022, and Jiangmen Central Hospital and Jiangmen Wuyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine were officially approved as national postdoctoral research stations. Up to now, the number of national postdoctoral research stations in Zhuhai has increased to 21.

Postdoctoral research workstation is an organization that can recruit and cultivate postdoctoral researchers with the approval of the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee. It is an effective carrier to combine production, teaching and research and enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises and institutions. The approval to set up a postdoctoral scientific research workstation indicates that enterprises and institutions have achieved a substantial leap on the road of scientific research and innovation. Jiangmen City vigorously implements the "talent multiplication" project, attaches importance to the construction of innovation and scientific research platforms, and constructs a pattern of in-depth integration of industry, university and research. This time, the scientific research platform of the two hospitals has been upgraded from a provincial post-doctoral innovation practice base to a national post-doctoral research workstation, which will drive a group of outstanding young health talents to devote themselves to scientific research and achieve a breakthrough in high-level scientific research achievements in the health field of our city.

At present, Jiangmen City has 21 national postdoctoral research stations, including Jiabaoli, Fangyuan Environmental Protection, Haihong Electric, and 57 provincial postdoctoral innovation practice bases, including Jiangmen Double Carbon Laboratory, Kaiping Neutrino Research Center, Tiandi No.1, and Li Jinji. A total of 159 post doctors have been recruited, and 86 post doctors are currently in the station. In 2022, 3 of them will be awarded the Youth Science Fund.

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