International Wushu Exchange Conference

In 2022, the international martial arts exchange conference of "Young China talk" was officially launched. Jingmei village, yamen Town, Xinhui District, known as "Jiangmen Kung Fu town", once again welcomed experts from all walks of life. Here, they performed and exchanged various boxing skills, which was the first shot for the "Young China talk" series of activities in 2022. Cai Weisheng, a first-class inspector of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Lin Jiansheng, vice mayor, and Zhang Jianqing, former director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, attended the activities.

It is reported that this conference is divided into three parts: the launching ceremony and exchange conference, the Chinese overseas Chinese martial arts forum and the online martial arts competition. The whole process is webcast to realize the synchronous interaction between offline and "cloud speech", "cloud connection", "cloud discussion" and "cloud congratulations".

Cai Weisheng said in his speech that Lingnan Wushu has a long history, many kinds of boxing and various schools, with distinct Lingnan characteristics. Jiangmen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, with rich overseas Chinese resources. I hope you can make new contributions to inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promoting the exchange and cooperation between Jiangmen and the world, and promoting the exchange and mutual learning of Chinese and foreign cultures and civilizations.

Lin Jiansheng said that since 2018, our city has held a series of activities of "Young China Talk" for five consecutive years. This International Wushu exchange conference will give full play to the unique resource advantages of "two Jiangmen" at home and abroad, further explore the historical and cultural connotation of Chinese overseas Chinese martial arts, and polish the brand of "Young China Talk" activities.

At the event site, more than 130 martial arts enthusiasts from 9 youth martial arts teams at home and abroad took turns to perform the boxing skills of Cai Li fo Quan, Wing Chun Quan, Buddhist boxing, Wudang boxing, Zhou Jia Quan, Hong Quan and Taijiquan. In addition, the conference also invited martial arts enthusiasts and overseas martial arts teams from more than 30 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico and the Netherlands, to perform the "cloud competition" and build a Chinese martial art learning and exchange platform for martial arts enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Next, the conference will hold a series of activities such as two online competitions, the Chinese overseas Chinese martial arts competition and the "Chinese overseas Chinese martial arts" dragon and lion competition, and the "martial arts Exploration Tour".

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