Vocational skills competitions for the disabled

On July 27, the fifth Jiangmen vocational skills competition for the disabled was held at the public training base for highly skilled talents in Guangdong Province (Jiangmen City). In this competition, there are 5 categories and 9 competitions. 45 disabled from all counties (cities, districts) compete on the same stage to show the style of disabled people in Jiangmen.

In the flower arrangement project, the contestants select, trim and match to create bouquets of floral works; In the hairdressing project, the contestants skillfully control the scissors to trim beautiful hairstyles; In the photography art creation project, the contestants picked up the camera and took pictures on site. After selection and adjustment, they printed out pictures one by one. After fierce competition, a total of 15 winners were selected from five categories of competition.

Li Runjiao, vice president of the municipal disabled persons' Federation, said that the skill competition is a comprehensive review of the training work and skill level of the disabled, and it is also an important measure to broaden the channels of training disabled talents and vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the city with talents. "For a long time, Jiangmen has been planning as a whole, constantly improving the policy support for the disabled, and implementing vocational skills training in various forms according to the needs of the disabled. More and more disabled people acquire skills through training and earn their own living." Li Runjiao said.

It is reported that Jiangmen has held five municipal vocational skills competitions for the disabled, involving 10 occupations (types of work), with more than 345 contestants. Through the competition, Jiangmen selected excellent talents to participate in the 9 provincial and national  vocational skills competition for the disabled, and won 21 medals, including 1 world-class gold medal, 3 national gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal respectively, 9 provincial gold medals and 6 silver medals, which effectively promoted the growth and success of disabled workers in Jiangmen.

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