Gallery three

Kaiping-Yangjiang Expressway

Taishan Tonggu Power Plant

Telecommunication Industry in Rapid Development


East Lake Park

Green Residence

Residential Quarters

Villa Quarters

Kaiping City at Night

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries &Jinling Air-Conditioner Co., Ltd.

Signing Ceremony of Contract between Jiangmen Municipal Govemment and Singapore Golden Eagle Group

Heshan Astros Printing Co., Ltd.

Xinhui Matsushita Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

Vinda Paper (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Administrative Affair & Service Center

Dachangjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen JJJ Battery Co., Ltd, a key enterprise of the state’s Torch Program New Materials Base

Aa Assembly Line in JJJ Battery Industrial Co., Ltd

Giessdorf Sanitary Ware (China) Co., and Its Products

Plumbing products of A-S Fitting Co., Ltd

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