Independent Innovation

Jiangmen has been rated an advanced city in a national science and technology assessment.

The city has a national-level high-tech development zone, three National Torch Program industrial bases and 175 national-level high-tech enterprises. A number of private technology enterprises, corporate engineering and technology research and development centers, and technology incubators are asserting themselves. Its patent applications and approved patents are increasing year by year. In 2013, Jiangmen submitted 8439 patent applications 8166, 5345 of which were granted.

Jiangmen has strived to promote the construction of public technical service platforms and has built three national-level testing centers or key laboratories for motorcycles, semiconductor optical-electrical products and machinery equipment respectively. It has also built a number of provincial-level testing stations for pulp- and paper-making and electro-acoustic products.

The establishment of Jiangmen Technology Venture Capital Fund & Guangdong Yueke Runhua Entrepreneurial Investment Co. marked a new stage for the financial sector’s support of technology development.

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