Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce

In Jiangmen, chambers of commerce and industry associations are flourishing and serve as bridges between the corporate world and the government. They provide practical service for enterprises of their lines and promote local economic development and social progress. At present, there are 336 chambers of commerce and industry associations of various types in Jiangmen. They include Jiangmen Banking Association, Jiangmen Real Estate Industry Association, Jiangmen Construction Industry Association, Jiangmen Municipal Transportation Association and Jiangmen Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Hunan Chamber of Commerce, Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Guangxi Chamber of Commerce, Jiangmen Chouzhou Enterprises Association, Jiangmen Private Enterprises Association,  Jiangmen Foreign-Invested Enterprises Association and Jiangmen Overseas Chinese-Funded Enterprises Association.

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