A Summary of Preferential Polices for Investment in Jiangmen

1. Preferential treatment granted to foreign- and private-funded enterprises in land use and construction of factory buildings

1) Land for industrial use: Land for industrial use in Jiangmen New- and High-tech Industrial Development Zone will be free from purchase price.

2) Land for agricultural use

Leading agricultural product processing enterprises funded by private and foreign capital can enjoy reduction or waiver of land use fees or postponement of paying it; enterprises developing a continuous tract of arable land with an area of over 500 mu or a mountainous area over 1000 mu can enjoy preferential treatment in land rent.

3) Land entrusted for recruiting investment

Entrustees are entitled to sell entrusted land in designated areas and within fixed time period at a 10%-off preferential price. 

4) Land price will be charged at half rate and municipal construction fees will be exempted for industrial workshops to be newly built in urban areas. 


 2.  Preferential treatment in administrative and service fees

Current fee-charging items and fee rates are reduced by 20%. Newly established foreign- and private-funded enterprises can enjoy the following reductions or waives of administrative and service fees:

1) Municipal construction fee: Industrial Projects in Jiangmen New- and High-tech Industrial Development Zone will be exempted from this fee and other industrial projects will be charged at half the regular rate.

2) Environmental impact evaluation fee will be charged at half the regular rate for new foreign- and private-funded investment projects.

3) Fee for relocating air-raid shelters will be exempted for key tertiary public good projects after examination and approval.

4) Dike maintenance and protection fee will be charged at the lowest rate as stipulated by the provincial government. Enterprises with a turnover of over 100 million yuan and those not suitable for imposition of the fee according to business volume will be handled individually.

5) Fee for using temporary workers will be charged at half rate for the first three years.

6) Public security and order fee for using migrant workers will be charged at half the current rate.

7) Cost of production of certificates required in the course of registration of projects, capital construction and regular operation will be waived.

8) Charges for intermediary service including evaluation of land, real properties and equipment, verification of capital, accounting, auditing, notarization, and authentication conducted through thewill be charged at half of the lowest rate stipulated by the state.

9) For industrial projects established at Jiangmen New- and High-tech Development Zone, within three years starting from the first month of operation, 0.03 yuan will be rebated to them for every kilowatt.hour of electricity used.


3.   Special Support Fund for Technological Advances

New- and high-tech enterprises and key manufacturing projects established in Jiangmen New- and High-tech Development Zone are entitled to interest subsidy and special subsidy. The special support will start from the first month of their operation and will last for 3 years. The subsidy will be arranged by the financial authorities parallel with the taxation authorities of the enterprises.


4.   Special Preferential Treatment for Major Projects

Major projects involving an investment amount of over 30 million USD will be handled individually. They are entitled to special preferential treatment in land use, power and water supply, and administrative and service fees.


5.   Special Service for Imported Talented People

In case the technicians and key production and management personnel imported from outside of Jiangmen and their dependents need to transfer their family registry to Jiangmen city from another city or town, they will be exempt from urban expansion fees. If they are from rural areas and need to change form agricultural to non-agricultural status, they will be free from restriction and exempt from the urban expansion fees. 

For personnel of senior academic titles or of master's or doctor's degrees, the government personnel authorities will arrange for their housing subsidies, the labor and social securities authorities will provide their adult dependents with employment opportunities and the education authorities will arrange for their children to attend proper and convenient schools.  For those with polytechnic degrees or above or with junior academic titles and above and the intermediary and high-level management personnel, agent personnel service including dossier management, conferring of academic titles and exit application procedures will be provided.

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