Preferential Policies Concerning Development of Electronic and Information Industry by Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government

(For Trial )
(October 20, 2003)

   For the purpose of promoting the development of the electronic and information industry and upgrading industrial structure in Jiangmen, all the enterprises investing in electronic and information projects in Jiangmen City Proper will be granted the following preferential treatment:

   1. Preferential policies stipulated in Certain Opinions on Acceleration of Private Economy Development by Jiangmen Committee of Chinese Communist Party and Jiangmen Municipal People’ Government (Jiangfa [2003]No. 7).

   2. Preferential policies applicable in Jiangmen High-tech. Development Zone.

   3. Preferential treatment enjoyed by high-tech enterprises of municipal level (tax preference is executed according to relevant rules). Electronic and information enterprises enjoy the priority of applying for the funds established by the municipal government, such as Supporting Funds for Industrial Development, Supporting Funds for Private Investment Items and the Three Kinds of Funds for Science and Technology.

   4. Projects with a large sum of investment shall further enjoy the preferential treatment of “zero charges” and “free land” as follows:
1) Enterprises with total investment over USD 3 million (including USD 3 million) in two years will be exempted from charges and administrative fees imposed by relevant municipal government departments incurred during construction.

2) Enterprises with total investment over USD 10 million (including USD 10 million) in two years will not only be exempted from charges and administrative fees imposed by relevant municipal governmental departments incurred during construction, but also can get 667 square meters of construction land free of charge on basis of every  USD 400,000 of the total investment. Upon the operation of the project, the enterprise shall be given the land use certificate for the free construction land of which the areas will be calculated according to the total investment amount. The enterprise shall also be exempted from tolls on highways and bridges for 3 years. The investors shall enjoy the honor of Honorary Citizen of Jiangmen.

   5. Software and integrated circuit boards projects enjoy the above preferential treatment in addition to implementing regulations in the “Caishui[2002]No.70” document promulgated by the Ministry of Finance and National Tax Administration . 

   6. Information Industry Bureau of Jiangmen and Economy and Trade Bureau of Jiangmen shall be responsible for the ratifications of electronic and information projects.

   7. The above preferential policies come into effect on trial basis as of this date of promulgation.

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