Industry Development and Planning

According to the “Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta,” the PRD is to fashion a mainstay industry cluster, with a twin grounding in mode service industries and advanced manufacturing industries. Jiangmen also is to evolve to a modern industrial system with a higher level industrial structure, concentrated industries development and high-end competitiveness by promoting the integration of information technology and industrialization prioritizing the development of modern service industries, accelerating the growth of advanced manufacturing industries building up hi-tech industries, renovating and upgrading the favored traditional industries, and actively developing modern agriculture.


In 2014, Jiangmen recorded RMB 362,953 million gross industries output from businesses over the designated scale, an increase of 11.0% compared to 2013. Industrial added value was RMB 84,981 million, up 11.0% over 2013, including a growth rate of 12.9% for light industry and 9.1% for heavy industry.


During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Jiangmen will continue to optimize its economic structure, with advanced manufacturing playing the lead role and the modern service sector a supporting role. Service sector added value is forecast to increase to 42% of GDP. Innovation capacity will be significantly enhanced, with R&D expenses growing to 2% of GDP and the high-tech manufacturing share of added value expanding to 10% of total industrial added value.


Jiangmen has established the following industry development goal for the 12th Five-Year Plan period: accelerating the construction of a national base for advanced manufacturing with a focus on building a “new town” for modern industries.

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