Industry Development and Planning: Modern Service

Rapid development of modern service sectors

The proportion of the modern service sector rose rapidly in the tertiary industry during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, with sectors such as modern logistics, information services, finance and insurance, and real estate accounting for up to 44.5% of the total. The modern service sector has strong momentum in Jiangmen.


Particularly notable developments have occurred in producer service sectors, including modern logistics, information services and conventions and exhibitions. These sectors have become key domains for Jiangmen and Jiangmen has become a model for the producer service sector in the western PRD.


Industry development planning during 12th Five-Year Plan

It is projected that by 2015, the added value of modern service sectors will account for more than 50% of that of the city’s tertiary industry, which will be driven by modern and conventional service sectors” rather than primarily by conventional services.

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