Jiangmen, as capital of overseas Chinese, is also a city full of life and vitality. In recent years, Jiangmen has taken the initiative to adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development, spared no efforts build “a door of reform” for Guangdong's new round of reform and development, "a door of convenience" for the west of Guangdong to enter the Pearl River Delta, and a “door of radiation” for the Pearl River Delta to connect with the west of Guangdong, Guangxi and the greater southwest of China, to forge a new urban center and an economic center and innovation center in the West of the Pearl River Delta, and implemented the five active connects. Jiangmen has also pushed forward the “West Pearl River Delta Strategy”, carried out the policy of “Enhancing the East and Promoting the West for Coordinated Development”, and has strived to achieve development through innovation, and its economy is progressing and improving in a stable way.

In 2015, Jiangmen achieved a GDP of 224 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4% over the previous year; the industrial added value by its industrial enterprises above a certain scale reached 92.599 billion yuan, an increase of 8% over the year before; its fixed investment amounted to 130.787 billion yuan, 17.7% higher than the prior year; its total retail sales of consumer goods totaled 103.231 billion yuan, increasing 11.85% over the year before; its general budget revenue increased by 9.1% to 19.898 billion yuan.

Jiangmen is Guangdong's "rice bag" and "vegetable basket", an important agricultural and sideline produce base supplying the Pearl River Delta cities, and Hong Kong and Macao. Jiangmen's agricultural products are green and healthy with good quality assurance; its high-quality agricultural product number and coverage rate rank in the forefront in the province. Jiangmen possesses 41 organic food brands, 38 green food brands, 205 pollution-free agricultural products, 5 agricultural products with geographical indications, and 28 famous agricultural product brands.

Jiangmen's tertiary industry is also thriving. Its commerce and trade, logistics, tourism, convention and exhibition, finance, culture, catering and real estate are flourishing. Its one-stop logistics service center Jiangmen Logistics Public Service Platform has joined the Municipal Administrative Service Center. Every year, Jiangmen holds the Zhuhai- Zhongshan-Jiangmen Import and Export Commodity Fair, Traditional Furniture Appreciation Fair, Motorcycle Industry Exposition, Agricultural Exposition, Xinhui Stainless Steel Products Fair, China (Xinhui) Tangerine Peel Cultural Festival, China (Shuikou) Sanitary Ware Exhibition & Fair, Kaiping Jeans Festival, and Green (semiconductor) Lighting Exposition have developed into well-known brands. The construction of the Yinzhouhu, Heshan and South New District modern logistics bases are under construction and a few international procurement platforms such as green lighting devices trading center, international bathroom plumbing procurement center, and Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesaling City have been built in succession. Jiangmen's position as a logistics transit zone on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta is even more conspicuous.

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