Jiangmen Overview

Superior location

Jiangmen (which meansDoor of the River” in Chinese) takes its name from its geographic location in the western part of the PRD. It is the place at which the Xijiang River and its tributary, the Pengjiang River, converge, with Penglai Mountain on the northern bank and Yandun Mountain on the southern bank forming the two halves of a door.

Along with Zhongshan and Zhuhai to the east, Yangjiang to the west, Guangzhou and Foshan to the north and Nanhai to the south, jiangmen is one of the port cities of the western PRD. It also lies not far from Hong Kong and Macau.


Favorable ecological environment

Jiangmen’s subtropical oceanic location blesses it with mild weather, abundant rain, little frost and no snow. Sufficient clear-day sunshine means that the local vegetation stays green throughout the year, contributing to Jiangmen’s appealing scenic landscape. In 2012, the frost covers an area of 411,800 hectares, the coverage rate reached 44.3%. This hospitable ecological environment provides conditions that bode well for sustainable, long-term economic development.



Abundant space with great potential

Jiangmen’s total land area of 9,504 km2 accounts for one quarter of the land area of the PRD region and includes 1,818 km2 of urban land area.

Jiangmen governs the three districts of Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui, as well as the four county-level cities of Taishan, Kaiping, Enping and Heshan, Jiangmen and the four county-level cities are collectively knows as “Wuyi” (Chinese for the “five counties”).


Stable environment for development

Jiangmen has made considerable economic and social progress over the last few years and has worked diligently to build on its reputation as the admired hometown of many overseas Chinese. In addition to being committed to the steady development of its economy, Jiangmen has concentrated on building a socially stable environment with an eye to long-term success.

Jiangmen has long been proud of its standing as one of the safest cities in the PRD region and is increasingly known for its good public order and harmonious environment.

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