Golden opportunities and bright prospects

★ A Golden Development Period for Jiangmen: From the experience of the development of the three international bays, a mature Bay area usually takes quite a long time to complete. The“Outline of the Development Plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”puts forward that the framework of the first-class international Bay area and world-class urban agglomeration in the Greater Bay Area has basically been formed in the near future by 2022, and that in the long run, the first-class international Bay area suitable for living, industry and tourism will be built in an all- round way by 2035, which means that Jiangmen will have a fairly long golden development period in the future.

★Essential support for Jiangmen's high-quality development: The economy of the bay area has such remarkable characteristics as innovation guid- ance,livability and industry, agglomeration development and regional coordination, which will provide essential support for Jiangmen's high-quality development. The opening of the Hong KongZhuhai- Macao Bridge has greatly shortened the space- time distance between Hong Kong, Macao and the cities on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta. With the pull of a bridge, all the cities in the western part of the Pearl River Delta are alive. It can be predicted that the stimulating effect of the bridge on the development of the west bank of the Pearl River Delta will be more obvious in the future. It will promote the flow of people, logistics,capital and information in the Bay Area to enter Jiangmen more conveniently and play an important role in supporting the high-quality development of Jiangmen.

★A New Path for Jiangmen to Achieve a Higher Level of Opening-up: The construction of the Bay Area also provides a new path for Jiangmen to achieve a higher level of opening up. The Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macao Bay Area is an important space carrier for the construction of world class urban agglomeration and participation in global competition. It is also an important platform for the construction of "one belt and one road".Through full participation in the construction of the Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong kong and Macao, making full use of the open platform advantages of Hongkong and Macao,exploring the new mode of integrating resources and collaborative development with Hong Kong and Macao, building a high- quality business environment that is in line with the international standards, building a new platform for high-level participation in international economic cooperation, and enhancing the global competitiveness and attractiveness,Jiangmen is expected to become a hub node of economic, trade and cultural cooperation and exchange of "one belt and one road", and build a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up.

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